LPI – Exam Emulation

On this page you have the opportunity to test your skills in preparation for the exams, required for the LPI Level 1 certification. This certification requires two exams, LPI101 and LPI102. In November 2002 there was a major revision

on the exams, I did my best to reorganize this emulation to fit the new revision.

This exam emulation is not a set of brain dumps! The questions are not the original questions, but they are similar and may help in preparation for the test.

You can choose between the two simulations using the appropriate buttons below. You must log in to use the emulation, so you have to create an account before trying it. This account is completely free, and just used to distinguish
how many users are working here. Using this account enables you also to view your history, so you can watch your increasing success…

Formerly I planned to send the results via mail, so I asked to enter a valid email Address during the registration. But having over 8000 different users and more than 40,000 simulations so far, it is far beyond my time to answer every
result, so feel free to enter anything but your email Address – you will never receive any email by me as a result of this emulation. (Surely you will receive an answer if you mail me directly…) The results will be calculated directly
after pressing the finish-button, and you will see them immediately. Just like the original exam…

If you have created an account for LPI101 simulation, you can use it for the LPI102 as well.

But now, have fun with the emulation…

The LPI simulation was changed to a current system.
If there are any problems, please contact us via the contact form or by mail.
If you have any wishes or suggestions for improvement, please contact us.
Have a lot of fun with the LPI Exam simulator.

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  1. Victor Diniz

    I would like to take the simulation to become able to take the LPI test

    1. tagol

      You can log in to the online LPI simulation at any time. The course is free of charge!
      If there are any problems, just get in touch.

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